Tailoring Souls Through the Gift of Clothes...



Statement of Mission

The mission of Tailored Hearts is to reach out to young girls ages 13 to 18 and uplift them through mentorship by teaching self-love and providing resources to guide them into the career they desire. We start our sisterhood bond with a donation of clothes and end up tailoring souls so that each participant can reach her highest potential. 

Tailored Hearts will strive to:

*Provide services at no cost to participants.

*Provide clothing and accessories for structured school environment, proms, dances, and special social events.

*Provide hair care/styling through networking with professionals

*Provide Educational Programs that include but not limited to: Available community resources

Seminars and Conferences:

Our aim of these events are to offer girls ages 13-18 tools and resources to become phenomenal thought leaders, innovators, and public servants. 

*Health Care Seminars: (prevention of sexual transmitted disease,  cancer awareness, diets, and the alike); Social Etiquettes, Travel, Financial Management and much, more…

*Career Development Workshops: This series of lectures brings industry leaders to our teaching locations to discuss their experiences and to provide students with tips on how to be successful in the real world.


Not only does Tailored Hearts serve as a vessel to help teenage girls , we help to serve the environment by being a green business! Tailored Hearts provides hand picked, top quality, recycled garments that are redesigned to a modern day style. 


You can bring self esteem to children in need by donating quality garments. "Quality Garments" are simple clothes that are still in good condition and makes a child feel valued which paves a way for her to engage in school activities & social life with pride. Selected garments will be redesigned to ensure every donation is given with love.

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