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Career Development Workshops

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Tailored Hearts career development workshops consist of a community of professionals from a variety of backgrounds that inspire our participants to grow academically, personally, and professionally. With our interactive workshops, world-class team of speakers, and abundant resources, the students gain the tools necessary to improve their credentials and set them apart from their peers. Below is our Dress for the Ultimate Victory career development workshop. During this workshop, our goal is to uplift, inspire, and introduce a variety of careers to the female students grades 9th-12th. The aim is to increase career awareness and help them prepare for a career that they’ll love and thrive in. Our panel of guest speakers assist with helping the students understand that the only limitations are the ones they create in their own minds.

What do the participants gain from this career development workshop?

During Tailored Hearts Dress for The Ultimate Victory career development workshop with Texas Southern University Upward Bound Program, our students were given an assignment to write a mini business plan to start a retail company. Our group activities for our workshops are created to develop/increase critical thinking skills along with social skills. Tailored Hearts board members Richandra Nickerson-Ukpong and Allison Rowan announced the winning team that presented the most innovative business plan.

Author Jean Nicole, provided the following:

  1. Shared tips on how to write books along with her new writing software.

  2. Introduced the work load of a business owner.

  3. Raffled 2 book boxes to the audience.

  4. www.jeannicolerivers.com and simplystylus.com

Psychologist Cynthia Dunn, provided the following:

  1. Shared the necessary steps to take to be a psychologist.

  2. Introduced the schedule and pay with a career as a psychologist .

  3. Introduced her charity organization, Crown Excellence wich promotes literacy.

  4. Raffled books to the audience.

Hair stylist/Makeup artist Liz Alfred, provided the following:

  1. Shared tips on how to apply makeup for different occasions.

  2. Introduced the lifestyle of an image consultant providing styling services.

  3. Donated hair care products

Each participant received the following:

  1. Custom made earrings from fashion designer Shawnie Grant.

  2. Home made, chocolate hearts from sponsor Cynthia Lewis.

  3. Raffled 6 satin head scarfs from Titra Whitted. www.myheadtie.com

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