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Tailored Hearts presents Fashion House!

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Tailored Hearts has formed a strategic partnership with HISD Edison Middle School to start an after school career-training and development program! During this program, the male and female students will learn trade skills such as:

1. Fashion Design

2. Basic sewing skills

3. Marketing, Branding, and Selling skills

4. Book Keeping and Accounting skills

5. Photography Skills

6. Event Coordination

7. Customer Service Skills

8. Inventory Control

9. Make-up and Hairstyling skills

10. Public Speaking skills

Our creative workshops are designed to be an entrance into the exciting world of fashion design. We’re the training ground of creative warriors where experienced instructors from the beauty and fashion industry will help each student explore their creativity to develop the savvy business skills they need to thrive in a variety of careers within the fashion industry. If you are interested in being a sponsor or corporate sponsor for this life changing program, please contact us on our contact form or click on the link below to donate funds. This program is scheduled to start in Nov. 2018.


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